“I’m Chinese and I am a Gambler and DDR fan” FRI Night at Duck Yao (Mah Jong, fresh juice)

“I’m Chinese & I’m a Gambler, DDR is for all colors” Night @ Duck Yao, 8-10PM.

• Choc Cake (V)
• Fresh juice maker — bring in fruit for a free grind
• Mah Jong
• Dance Dance Rev w/ pads, in honor of the one who gets down when you ask him to, Mr. Lan (waiter dad at Duck Yao), age 71
• Wii with DDR
• “I’m Chinese, I Gamble” Poker & Big 13.
• BYOB, believe me, I will prove in flesh

No experience necessary, just willingness to get INTO it.

MJ stars in appearance: Shirley Dai, Dai parents, Sam Boyd (internet version), Lundon & Tom Cheng.

And……. this leads up to the finale:
Celebrating Jer & Daniela: 10PM, come in if you want to get in a last smoosh-in.

I, Mai and Ying, and PK will be there.